The Executive Board of the World Health Organisation met immediately after the World Health Assembly (WHA) on the 28 and 29 May 2012. The WHO reform was again on the agenda, with the presentation by the Secretariat of the draft formal evaluation policy of WHO and the revised terms of reference for the Programme, Budget and Administration Committe (PBAC) of the Executive Board. Several members of the board expressed their disappointment about the debates in the Assembly the previous week, regretting that, once more, the discussions had failed to address the fundamental question underlying the reform, i.e. the difficult situation of WHO financing and its root causes.

A draft decision, proposed by the USA, was adopted under agenda item 10, Future sessions of the Executive Board, after several clarifications and further discussion leading to consensual amendments. The Secretariat will finalise the wording.

It was thus decided that the PBAC will hold an extraordinary meeting on the 6 and 7 December 2012, open to all Member States, to consider different possible modalities and discuss options for the proposed financial dialogue; and to review the draft 12th Global Programme of Work and Programme Budget 2014-15. Results of the discussions of the Regional Committees will be shared with the PBAC but no new draft will be presented for the extraordinary meeting. A missions briefing will be organised on the afternoon of the 5 December on the model of the briefing held the day before the special meeting of February 2012 on priority setting. Relevant documents will be made available mid-November.

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